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Five Mantras to Heed the Quadruple Aim

by Ellen Fink-Samnick MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP on 10/22/18

I spent the better part of the last two months presenting to case managers for National Case Management Week. While the practice focus, if not priorities may vary across the states, practice settings, and professional disciplines, there are shared themes. Of major note was the reminder of just how stressful these times are for the workforce. Everyone is seeking tactical guidance and a magic wand to deal with it all.


In a practice culture focused on heeding the Quadruple Aim, we have much on our platters. It is a daunting effort to assure the appropriate patient experience, with the right care, at the right cost, while improving the work life of those who deliver care. Despite the ever present challenges, these four aims set a clear compass to optimize health performance for the industry. If you are employed in health care today, you need to LOVE it!


Five Mantras to Heed the Quadruple Aim for Case Managers

Consider this blog post my gift to you all. It incorporates key messaging from prior blogs to heed the Quadruple Aim. Five mantras will guide your efforts: 


#5: Our diversity is our strengthThe value of Interprofessional practice in the current healthcare climate can’t be disputed. The sum of our efforts is mandated to address the complex needs of the populations we serve. How fortunate that our profession of case management is transdisciplinary in composition! Leveraging the power of that combined expertise through a critical interprofessional lens advances the client experience in more ways than I can count. Here are 10 strategies to assure keen interprofessional team building and practice.


#4: Scream, breathe, rinse, repeatHealth care is stressful; there is no way around it. It is also doubtful this dynamic will change. The industry is too fluid and full of constant changes to care processes, programs, reimbursement, regulations, and then some. Yet, each one of us can take control of the festering frustration we may be prone to experience. 14 strategies to promote resiliency, if not sanity amid your workday are here.


#3: Be mindful of your own human condition to manage the human condition of othersOur workforce is at risk of burnout, but a more concerning trend has emerged. Suicide is the latest occupational hazard for the health care workforce. There must be a shift in the stigma of addressing mental health for the practitioner. Health care professionals were human beings long before they become the care providers of today. We are all vulnerable to the pressures that bear. Being responsible for care processes and treatment efforts is daunting, especially amid the reality that we cannot fix every client situation. Be mindful, attentive, and find guidance and resources here.


#2: Live your passion to leave a legacyEveryone wants to feel their efforts are intentional, whether these efforts are personal or professional. I was cued several years ago to the value served by identifying my passion and weaving it into any message I communicated to the workforce; written or verbal. This has become my way to assure a strong legacy of professional effort is left to our industry for generations to learn from. I am inspired daily by the intentionality of my efforts. Two blogs to focus your efforts to this vein live here and here.


And of course, #1: 

Until next time...Stay Resilient!


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