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Ellen's Ethical Lens Readers’ Choice: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

by Ellen Fink-Samnick MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP on 12/14/18

Today marks my 20thbi-weekly post!  I was recently asked for a list of my Top Ten blog posts for 2018, and realized that would be the perfect way to end this year! With the holiday season upon us I know how busy everyone gets!

Included below are those posts which you, my wonderful blog subscribers have ranked through your readership. The topics span the gamut of disruptors to impact our ethical excellence. They provide a solid gauge of those areas of greatest interest to the industry. 


The Top Ten Ellen’s Ethical Lens Blogs for 2018


10. Women Bullying Women in the Workplace: We Can and Must Do Better-Understand the different theories that contribute to why despite being strong leaders, women often have the reputation of being bullying bosses. 


9Misused Power Begets Workplace Bullying-Understand why bullying gets embedded in workplace culture, and the role that power plays in the mix.  


8What the Queen of Soul and a Maverick Senator Teach Us About Intentional Career Action-Amazing how memories about two powerful icons of society inspire life lessons that guide intentional action. 


7. 10 Job Search Lessons to Guide New Health and Human Service Professionals-There is so much to consider when on a job search. Be savvy with the interview process from start to finish with 10 key lessons!


6. The Importance of Developmental Career Stages and Embracing Change-The industry will change and every professional must be ready to change with it. Learn how developmental career stage models can assure proactive efforts to evolve your career path.   


5Suicide of Health Care Professionals: A Concerning Occupational Hazard- Our traditional culture of caring is taking a toll on the professionals rendering care. Be informed about this deadly dynamic and eliminate the stigma for the health and behavioral health workforce to seek mental health care. 


4Workplace Bullying: When Organizational Culture is the Culprit-10 lessons to work through the culture shift mandated to rid your organization of the most unwelcome visitor. 


3Empowering the Health Care Entrepreneur Within-What does it take to be an entrepreneur in our health care world? My 11 entrepreneurial lessons will empower your innovative spirit.


2Compassion Fatigue as the New Norm: Implications for Health Care Professionals-The times have never yielded more challenges for our clients and society, with compassion fatigue the new norm. Master 5 solid lessons to self-protect for the long haul. 


And finally, drumroll please………


1.    Lessons in Interprofessional Practice: Communication, Collaboration, and Camaraderie:  Interprofessional teams are essential to assure quality driven, patient-centric care for the most diverse populations to date. Learn about interprofessional teams, plus 10 lessons to guide implementation in your organization. 


Enjoy the review and the reads. It’s a good time to catch up on those posts you missed and ones you might want to read again. What disrupters will 2019 bring for the health and behavioral health industry? If you have ideas about what you would like to hear about, email me at efssupervision@me.com, or feel free to add you thoughts below. Sign-up to stay up to date with each new bi-weekly post. 

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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Stay Resilient, 



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