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Ten Tactics to Overcome Overload

by Ellen Fink-Samnick MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCM, CRP on 02/24/19

Let’s face it, we practice in times where there is always something to ponder, process, assess, and fix! With our appointed magic wands in tow, healthcare professionals venture into the daily fray of incidents and obstacles to face. Sometimes we identify the issue, or on other occasions someone else has a ‘bright’ idea. Yet at the end of the day, the accountability for action remains.


You all know what I’m talking about. Somewhere, a lightbulb goes off on how a client would benefit from having quicker access to-Oh…let’s see, advanced directives. The next thing you know you become the anointed master of the universe to develop a plan, program, process, and outcomes evaluation method in your non-existent spare time. Perhaps you are ‘voluntold’ to do it…..Sound familiar?


Most healthcare professionals I know simply feel accountable. After all, we are tasked with attending to the human condition and, for the most part, take that task quite seriously. Yet, as accountable as we may be,  nobody has to own the entire process. Here are 10 Tactics to Overcome Overload:


1. Work to Objectivity: Amid the emotion of any identified need for change, it is easy to become reactive vs. proactive. Stop, take 10, breathe, and define an action plan, one step at a time.


2. Think Options vs. Overload: You do not need to do it all, nor should you. You want stakeholder buy-in? You won’t get it by telling everyone what to do. That style is only good for the short-term. Better to direct the process as defined in your action plan.


3. Think Opportunities: I’m often called, ‘Queen of the Reframe’, but seriously, it is easier on the brain and body. Here is your opportunity to put forth your wonderful ideas, proposals, and considerations to build a better mousetrap! Let your creative thought process consider realistic possibilities and strategic actions and desired outcomes.


4. Think, What Others do I tap?: Who should be involved in this effort? Nobody likes to fly solo for too long. You need competent company on your journey.


5. Define Objectives: We can’t do it all at once. Come up with phases to the process that can be implemented over time. Essentially, schedule out dates and deadlines of your action plan.


6. Only Facts Foster resolution: Everyone will have an opinion of what may work, why it wouldn’t. However, only the facts should guide the process. Avoid things like, “Oh I have a gut feeling it won’t work”, or “it never worked before’. Don’t stand for generalizations, subjective emotions, impressions. 


7.Think OutcomesMake the process meaningful, and define SMART outcomes to measure specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based progress. Those will help validate your efforts moving forward. 


8. Consider the Obstacles:  Despite our best efforts obstacles will almost always be present. Perhaps some naysayers, or gaps in others processes that have a direct impact to what we are considering. Be proactive and anticipate those potential issue. Take the time to work through them to leverages your efforts.


9. Out of the Box Thinking: Cliché or not, FREE YOUR HEAD! Think beyond the boundaries of what has been in place, or done before. Stay committed to and consistent with your vision.


10. Look Beyond the Obvious:The process may not be intuitive or obvious to the casual or experienced observer only. Every great idea needs a tweak here and there. Be ready to make those changes to your action plan. Don’t become your own obstacle. Stay open to the impact of change.


Until next time.......Stay Resilient,


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Comments (2)

1. Carey Smith said on 2/24/19 - 09:52PM
Succinct and readily applied in any group tasked with an issue. Thank You!
2. Ellen said on 2/25/19 - 06:47AM
Appreciate the affirmation, Carey!

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