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Upcoming Presentations and Webinars:
Case Management Competence: Reframing What Defines Practice Excellence

The Evolution of End of Life Care
  • UC Irvine Health Care Management Department, Social Work Month Celebration: March 26, 2019, noon-2 pm 
  • CMSA of Danville, Annual Conference: October 16, 2019, Danville, PA Watch for further registration details

Mastering the Social Determinants of Health: Comprehensive Case Management
  • ICD10 Monitor Webinar-September 20, 2018 *Special focus-ICD 10 Z "Stress Codes" Usage: Access the webcast
  • University of Buffalo School of Social Work Continuing Education Program, Amherst, NY-March 29, 2019 (3.0 CCM Ethics CEs, NYS SW CEs) registration details
  • CMS of New England, Rhode Island Extension-Educational Meeting, Warwick, RI-April 2, 2019 (1.5 CCM Ethics CEs) registration details
  • CMSA of the Chesapeake, Annual Conference, Arundel Mills, MD-May 3, 2019 (1.5 CCM Ethics CEs) registration details. 
  • CMSA of E. Oklahoma Annual Conference, Tulsa, OK-May 8, 2019 (2.0 CCM Ethics CEs) Watch for registration details
  • CMSA of Arizona Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ-October 11, 2019 (1.5 CCM Ethics CEs) Watch for registration details
  • CMSA of the Mid-Atlantic: Christiana, Delaware-October 23, 2019 (2.0 CCM Ethics CEs) and 
                                                           Plymouth Meeting, PA-October 24, 2019 (2.0 CCM Ethicsl CEs) Watch for registration details

Mandatory Warning in the Digital Age: Legal and Ethical Responsibility for Professional Case Managers (with Lynn S. Muller)
  • CMSA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV-June 10-14, 2019 (1.25 Ethics CEs): Date and time TBD: registration details

The New Age of Bullying and Violence in Health Care
  • Alamo Chapter of CMSA, Annual Conference-October 19, 2019 Watch for registration details

Workplace Bullying and Violence: Tactical and Ethical Guidance for Social Work Field Education
  • University of Buffalo School of Social Work CE Training, March 28, 2019 (invitation only)

Workplace Bullying and Violence: Tactical and Ethical Guidance for Health and Behavioral Health Professionals​
  • National Catholic School of Social Service Continuing Education, Washington, DC, 6 hours; May 31, 2019. 
               Watch for registration details

Clinical & Advanced Clinical Supervision Trainings for NASW of Virginia
  • Mastering Digital Technology and Clinical Supervision: April 26, 2019, Richmond, VA
  • Independent Clinical Supervision and Vicarious Liability: April 27, 2019, Richmond, VA
  • Match Point: Overcoming the Games Played in Supervision
              Further offerings to be announced
  • Advancing Group Supervision
        For registration and other offerings visit ​NASWVA

The Changing Face of the Social Determinants of Health (2019, January 15) ICD 10 MonitoTalk Ten Tuesdays
ICD 10 T Codes: Human Trafficking Identification (2018, October 1RAC Monitor, Monitor Mondays
Compliance and Adversity: Hurricane Florence (2018, September 17) RAC Monitor, Monitor Mondays
Hurricanes, Social Determinants, Costs, and Compliance (2018, September 10) RAC Monitor, Monitor Mondays
Stressing Out About the 'Stress' Z-Codes(2018, July 31) ICD10 Monitor Talk Ten Tuesdays
Z Codes and the 2019 Prospective Payment System (2018, July 17) ICD10 Monitor Talk Ten Tuesdays
Medicaid Work Requirements, Social Determinants and Readmissions (2018, July 9) RAC Monitor, Monitor Mondays
Social Determinants of Health, ICD 10 Z Codes & Dual Eligibles, Oh, My (2018, July 10) ICD10 Monitor Talk Ten Tuesdays
Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health (2018, June 26) ICD10 Monitor TalkTen Tuesdays
The Social Determinants of Health, Costs, and Coding (2018, June 5) ICD10 Monitor Talk Ten Tuesdays
Sticks, Stones, and Intimidation: How to Manage Bullying and Promote Resilience (2018, May 10) CM Learning Network, Commission for Case Manager Certification
Fostering Professional Resilience: The Professional Resilience Paradigm (2015, March 2), inSocialWork® Podcast Series, Episode 162

HOT Publications (2018-9)
The Changing Face of the Social Determinants of Health, January 15, 2019 ICD10 Monitor
Human Trafficking: New ICD10 Codes Empower Efforts to Identify and Aid Victims September 25, 2018 ICD10 Monitor
Hurricanes, the Social Determinants of Health, Costs, and Compliance, August 30, 2018 RAC Monitor
Medicaid Work Requirements, Social Determinants and Readmissions, July 9, 2018, ICD10 Monitor
The Side Effects of Workplace Bullying in Health Care, June 19, 2018, ICD10 Monitor
Speak Up, Speak Out: It's Time For Case Managers to Take on Bullies, CCMC Issue Brief
Assessing Social Determinants of Health: The Secret Ingredient to the Cost, Coding, and Care  June 12, 2018, ICD10 Monitor
Healthcare Costs, Coding, and the Social Determinants of Health: A Necessary Marriage, June 5, 2018ICD10 Monitor
Managing Social Determinants of Health: Part 1, Fundamental Knowledge for Professional Case Management, 23(3) Professional Case Management 
Workforce Trauma: An Evolving Concern for Case Management, April/May 2018, 24(2) The Care Management Journal 
Health Care Professionals and Suicide: A Concerning Occupational Hazard, Case Manager Insights, August/September 2018 24(4) The Care Management Journal 
Managing Social Determinants of Health: Part 2, Leveraging Assessment Toward Comprehensive Case Management, 23(5) Professional Case Management  
The New Age of Bullying and Violence in Health Care, Part 4: Managing Organizational Culture and Beyond, 23(6) Professional Case Management 

Book Chapters and Education Modules:
  • Ethical Use of Case Management Technology, Chapter 19, CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management, 3rd ed. by Hussein Tahan and Teresa Treiger, Wolters Kluwer Health: available at Amazon.com
  • Case and Population Health Management (with Teresa Treiger),Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 6th ed. by Diane Huber, Elsevier: Available on Amazon

The Essential Guide to Interprofessional Ethics in Health Care Case Management, 1st ed, published by HcPro February 2019; Order now!
AND The Social Determinants of Health: Case Management's Next Frontier, 1st ed, published by HcPro June 2019; Pre-order April 2019.

COLLABORATE® For Professional Case Management: A Universal Competency-Based Paradigm, co-authored with Teresa Treiger, published by Wolters Kluwer 
Purchase your digital or hard copy from Amazon or where quality texts are sold

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