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Upcoming Presentations and Webinars:

Case Management Ethics 2024: Where Should Your Ethical Compass Point?
  • CMSA Chicago Annual Conference, Oak Brook, IL; March 26, 2024; Register here

Case Management Ethics 2025: Where Should Your Ethical Compass Point?​
  • Case Management Week 2024 Event: Veterans Integrated Services Network, Virtual Event, October 16, 2024, 9 AM EST; Watch for Details

DEI and Beyond: Mastering Inclusive Case Management​
  • CMSA Annual Conference, Providence, RI, June 6, 2024, Register here

The Ethical Evolution of Health Equity in End of Life Care​
  • CMSA of Detroit Annual Conference, May 1, 2024, Watch for further details

Exploring the Professional Identity of Case Managers (with Dr. Colleen Morley, Dr. Lisa Parker-Williams, and Eric Bergman)​
  • CMSA Annual Conference, Providence, RI, June 7, 2024, Register here

Tackling Medical Gaslighting: Engaging Ethical Equity Advocacy​
  • CMSA Annual Conference, Providence, RI, June 7, 2024, Register here

​The Value Proposition for Case Management Competencies
  • VA Western State Network Consortium Virtual CEU-Event: February 29, 2024; Watch for further details

SDoH Update 2024: Optimizing Operational Readiness for Case Management
  • MVD Day Keynote; CMSA Annual Conference, ​Providence, RI, June 4, 2024; Register here

Clinical & Advanced Clinical Supervision Trainings for NASW of Virginia and Metro DC
  • For registration and other offerings visit ​NASW

HOT Interviews and Podcasts​
  • Healthcare Data Bytes with Michelle Reed; Wholistic Health Equity, June 7, 2023, Spotify

HOT Publications and Interviews
  • The Wholistic Health Equity Quality Roadmap, Spring 2024 , Professional Case Management; Coming soon!
  • The Social Determinants of Mental Health: Case Management’s Latest Mandate, August 2023, CMSA Today

Medbridge Courses
Now available:
Ethical Engagement in Short-term Behavioral Health
Engaging Ethical Screening and Assessment in Short-term Behavioral Health
Engaging Ethical Interventions in Short-term Behavioral Health 

Book Chapters and Education Modules
Available on my CV, accessible on the About Ellen Page

  • The Ethical Case Manager: Tools and Tactics published by/Blue Bayou Press, Available only on Amazon
  • COMING Summer 2024:  Behavioral Health for Case Management, Blue Bayou Press
RISE Events
Discount Code: SPKR15  

Annual Summit on SDoH 
April 15-17, 2024
New Orleans, LA
April 15-17, 2024   Register here