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Upcoming Presentations and Webinars:
Case Management Excellence: Reframing What Defines Practice Excellence
  • Ernest Health Case Management Education Series, Webinar (1.0 CCM Ethics CEs)
  • The Case Managers Cruise-April 23, 2018 (1.0 CCM Ethics CEs)
  • Maine Medical Center Care Management Department Training-Portland, ME. May 22, 2018 (1.5 CCM Ethics CEs)

Case Management Ethics 2018: Where Should Your Ethical Compass Point? 
  • Maine Medical Center Care Management Department Training-Portland, ME. May 22, 2018 (2 CCM Ethics CEs)
  • CMSA of Wilmington-Wilmington, DE. September 12, 2018 (2 CCM Ethics CEs)
  • CMSA of Plymouth Meeting-Plymouth Meeting, PA. September 13, 2018 (2 CCM Ethics CEs)

Clinical Social Work Supervision: Mastering the Ethical Divide
  • National Catholic School of Social Service Continuing Education Series-6 hour Training, March 23, 2018
               Registration at the National Catholic School of Social Service Continued Education website

Wholistic Case Management©: The Answer to Value-Based Care (with Hussein M. Tahan) 
  • Hampton Roads Case Management Society of America, Annual Conference-October 13, 2018

The FIRST EVER Case Managers Cruise: 

Managing Bullying in Health Care: Tactical and Ethical Guidance for Professional Case Management
  • CMSA of the Chesapeake-Ethics Training, May 5, 2018 (3 CCM Ethics CEs) Watch for the site!
  • CMSA of Kansas City-Keynote, May 9, 2018 (1 CCM Ethics CE)

Mastering the Social Determinants of Health: Comprehensive Case Management​
  • CMSA Chicago Annual Conference, Oak Brook, IL-Keynote, April 19, 2018 (1 CCM Ethics CE)
  • DFW CMSA Annual Conference, Frisco, TX-Concurrent, April 20, 2018 (1.5 CCM Ethics CE)
  • CMSA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL-Concurrent, June 22, 2018 (1 CCM Ethics CE)

Professional Resilience Meets the Quadruple Aim: Professional Mandate, Ethical Imperative
  • The Case Managers Cruise, April 25, 2018 (1.0 CCM Ethics CEs)

New Age of Workplace Bullying and Violence in Health Care
  • NASW of VA Annual Conference, Williamsburg, VA-Concurrent, March 17, 2018 (3 CCM Ethics CEs)​

Clinical & Advanced Clinical Supervision Trainings for NASW of Virginia
  • Mastering the Ethical Divide of Digital Technology and Clinical Supervision BRAND NEW!
              Northern VA-June 8, 2018, site TBA
  • Independent Clinical Supervision and Vicarious Liability
              Richmond-May 11, 2018, site TBA
              November 2, 2018, site TBA
  • Match Point: Overcoming the Games Played in Supervision
              November 3, 2018, site TBA
  • Multicultural Supervision
              Richmond-May 12, 2018, site TBA
  • Advancing Group Supervision
              Northern VA-June 9, 2017, site TBA
        For registration and other offerings visit ​NASWVA

Episode 162-Fostering Professional Resilience: The Professional Resilience Paradigm (2015, March 2). InSocialWork Podcast Series

Upcoming Publications (2018):
Managing the Social Determinants of Health: Part 1, Fundamental Knowledge for Professional Case Management, 23(3) Professional Case Management
Managing the Social Determinants of Health: Part 2, Assessment and the Comprehensive Case Management Path, 23(5) Professional Case Management

Most Popular Articles (2017):
  • The New Age of Bullying and Violence in Health Care, Part 3: Managing the Bullying Boss and Leadership, 22(6) Professional Case Management
  • Case Management Competence: Reframing What Defines Practice Excellence; Heartbeat of Case Management Column, 22(4), Professional Case Management
  • Workplace Bullying: Professional EthicsTackles a Cultural Mainstay: April/May 2017 Case Management Journal , (Approval 2 CCM Ethics CEs)

Book Chapters and Education Modules:
  • Ethical Use of Case Management Technology, Chapter 19, CMSA Core Curriculum for Case Management, 3rd ed. by Hussein Tahan and Teresa Treiger, Wolters Kluwer Health: available at Amazon.com
  • Wholistic Case Management©: CMBOK, The Commission for Case Manager Certification: Coming Winter 2018
  • Case and Population Health Management (with Teresa Treiger).Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 6th ed. by Diane Huber, Elsevier: Available on Amazon

COLLABORATE® For Professional Case Management: A Universal Competency-Based Paradigm, co-authored with Teresa Treiger, published by Wolters Kluwer 
Purchase your copy from Wolters Kluwer directly at www.lww.com 
Purchase your digital or hard copy from Amazon or where quality texts are sold

 Scheduling through 2018

COLLABORATE is the professional case manager's guide to the implementation of a competency-based practice - an approach vital to high quality and cost-effective patient care. This practical book identifies and defines the categories of competence that drive positive outcomes for the patient, organization, and - most importantly - for the case manager.

The book is presented in four sections that 
(1) provide the rationale for a competency-based approach; 
(2) identify and describe eleven competencies, one for each letter of COLLABORATE; 
(3) review how the competencies benefit the case manager and organization; and 
(4) considers the future of case management practice.

Not only is COLLABORATE an indispensable resource for the case management professional who aims to improve his/her level of practice excellence, but it also empowers anyone tasked with improving a patient's health care experience and quality of life. It provides the tools necessary to transform practice from task orientation to one that drives positive outcomes.