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Presentations and Trainings: 
In-person or virtual, 75 minute to full day offerings; 
Case Management (Ethics), Counseling, Nursing, PT, & SW CEUs

2024 Offerings
  • Advancing the Wholistic Health Equity Quality Roadmap
  • Advancing Case Management’s Health Equity Pillars for Serious Illness (HEP-SI)
  • Case Management Ethics 2025: Where Should Your Ethical Compass Point?
  • Collective Occupational Trauma, Healthcare Quality, and Trauma-Informed Leadership
  • Engaging Case Management Ethical Excellence: The 5 C's of Care Considerations
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Beyond: Mastering Inclusive Case Management
  • Management of Bullying in Health Care: Tactical and Ethical Guidance 
  • SDoH Update 2025
  • Tackling Medical Gaslighting: Engaging Ethical Equity Advocacy
  • Telehealth: Advancing the Practice Foundation
  • The New Age of Healthcare Entrepreneurship 
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Content Development: Position papers, articles, and thought pieces
Individual & Group Clinical Social Work Supervision in Virginia
Post-Licensure Supervision for the Supervisor
Professional Mentoring and Consultation

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​Professional speaking, training, and consultation to empower the Interprofessional workforce
Altra Healthcare Consulting licensed by the state of IL as a sponsor of CEUs for Counseling Nursing, PT, and Social Work