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EFS Supervision Strategies, LLC
Professional speaking, training, and consultation to empower the Interprofessional workforce

"You want to take note of every word Dr. Fink-Samnick says....she is Case Management's undisputed Ethical Compass. 
You will leave her presentations forever changed."
Dr. Colleen Morley, President, Case Management Society of America, Keynote Introduction, CMSA Chicago Annual Conference, March 2023

"The presentation informed and found me reflecting on my own practices…I’ll be sharing what was presented with my colleagues!"
Attendee evaluation, Mid-West Coalition, Case Management Society of America, February 2023

Dynamic, consistent, inspiring, informative
Attendee evaluation, Mid-Atlantic Case Management Society Fall Conference, 2022

"Ellen's attention to detail was excellent. I appreciated the high level of research that went into her presentation; 
she left no stone unturned!"
Attendee evaluation, Mid-Atlantic Case Management Society of America Annual Conference, 2021 

"I love her presentation style, her ability to cite data/statistics in her normal flow of presentation and her knowledge base is remarkable."
Attendee evaluation, Case Management Society of America Central Virginia Chapter Annual Conference Webinar, 2020

"One of the most engaging webinars I've experienced.....I felt like Ellen was in my office speaking directly to me!....Practical, comprehensive, and real guidance that spoke to the heart of the issues!"
Attendee evaluations, HealthLeaders Media, Vicarious Trauma: Tackling Occupational Hazards in the Pandemic, 2020

"Ellen is engaging and amazing, whether virtually or in person!..A marvelous presentation that was Interactive and creative!" 
Attendee evaluation, NASW of Virginia, Workplace Bullying and Violence Intensive 6 hour training, 2020

"Relatable, Always informative, Dynamic"
Attendee evaluation, Maine Medical Center Care Management Week Continuing Education Program, 2019

"Passionate and inspiring speaker for an eye-opening presentation ....Ellen exuded knowledge and expertise beyond my expectations"
Attendee evaluation, University of Buffalo School of Social Work Annual Field Instruction Celebration Keynote, 2019

"Ellen is outstanding! She goes to the dark places of the industry and mandates we #mustdobetter"
Attendee evaluation, Workplace Bullying Webinar, Career Development Series University of Buffalo Alumni Affairs,  2018

"I was aware of Ellen's work from her popular LinkedIn group, Ellen's Ethical Lens, and then had the opportunity to hear her speak at two conferences and to read her definitive text, COLLABORATE. Not only is she a well-informed and highly engaging speaker, but she also motivates her audience to excel in their work and expand their knowledge and skills. 
No one walks out of her talks without a new outlook on their work and new enthusiasm."
Ronald Hirsch, MD, FACP, CHCQM, Vice-President at R1,  LinkedIn Recommendation, 2018

"Ellen was exactly what I envisioned and absolutely amazing!! My staff left her session impressed, engaging in conversations for three days post conference about social media and what they learned. She blew the minds of those in her session!!"
American Case Management Association of Maryland, Annual Conference, 2017

"This speaker was truly fantastic! So well-spoken and informed...The thought provoking presentation brought about self-reflection as to my role in the daily decision-making of providing quality care to our patients."
American Case Management Association of New York City, Annual Conference, 2017

"Ellen is a professional and succinct communicator​. She presents relevant information that is supported, evidenced based research."  
Decision Health's Care Coordination Summit, 2017

"As always, Ellen was outstanding!: Vibrant speaker, valuable information, very knowledgeable, and so relevant!"
Case Management Society of New England, Ethics Training, 2017

"This was the best Ethics training, I have ever attended! Ellen is the Queen of Ethics!"
National Association of Social Workers of Virginia, Annual Conference, 2017

"I could listen to Ellen all day....She has her finger on the pulse of case management practice".
American Association of Managed Care Nurses, Fall Pre-Conference, 2016