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EFS Supervision Strategies, LLC
​Empowering & Educating Health & Behavioral Health Professionals
Ellen is a professional and succinct communicator​. She presents relevant information that is supported, evidenced based research.  
Decision Health's Care Coordination Summit, 2017

As always, Ellen was outstanding!: Vibrant speaker, valuable information, very knowledgeable, and very relevant!
Case Management Society of New England, Ethics Training, 2017

This was the best Ethics training, I have ever attended! Ellen is the Queen of Ethics!
National Association of Social Workers of Virginia, Annual Conference, 2017

"I could listen to Ellen all day....She has her finger on the pulse of case management practice".
American Association of Managed Care Nurses, Fall Pre-Conference, 2016

​"Ellen is an inspiration to all case managers; motivating, dynamic, and always providing valuable information for case management practice"
Hampton Roads Case Management Society of America, Annual Conference, 2016

"Ellen gives her emotion and passion into the dark topics in health care; Fantastic!..She is absolutely amazing!"
Case Management Society of New England, Annual Conference, 2016

"GREAT speaker!!.....Very impressive talk with eye opening statistics"
Chicago Case Management Society of America, Annual Conference, 2016

"You will get superb supervision, guidance and encouragement that will stretch you, challenge you, and take you to the limits of yourself."
Clinical Supervision and Professional Mentoring Client, 2015​

​"One of Case Management's Mini-Think Tank" 
Suzanne Powell, Editor in Chief, Professional Case Management Journal, 2014

"Ellen is a passionate, energetic, thoroughly professional educator, author and presenter.  Her unique ability to communicate complex issues in an engaging manner is a wonderful attribute, and her value to the profession of case management is recognized by her colleagues, students and organizations that have utilized her expertise."
Catherine Mullahy, President at Mullahy and Associates, LLC    LinkedIN Recommendation, 2013

"​Ellen is an awesome speaker. I would recommend her highly to any group that wants an up-to-date, energetic and engaging speaker. One of the best!"
Elizabeth Teet, Past President, CMSA of Oklahoma, 2013

"Ellen is a true leader in today's complex healthcare industry. She has her finger on the pulse of top issues and trends impacting the industry, and shares her views in an objective manner. She has established forums where she encourages collaboration and is always open to other points of view. She has a dynamic spirit, is an excellent communicator and an important voice in the area of case management and care coordination."
Anne Llewelyn, Health Care Leader, Practitioner, Educator   LinkedIn Recommendation, 2013

As the Dean of a School of Nursing, I look for speakers who are highly knowledgeable in their field, great motivators and ethical individuals. Ellen is such a person and more. My doctoral students look forward to her guest lectures (more like dialogues) each year. She is truly a diadem within the healthcare system. I recommend her highly for all of her talents and her wisdom
Ann Tritek, Past Dean, School of Nursing at St. Peter's University, LinkedIn Recommendation, 2013

"Ellen is the new Ethical Compass for Case Management"
Case Management Society of America, Annual Conference, 2012